Date with V

1. Shit. I forgot my wallet. No credit cards. No ID. No cash. V has to pay for everything. Not very dom-ly.

2. Her text was right. This bar sucks. Her thigh-highs are way too sexy for this place. I should really pinch a nipple of hers. There. That’s better.

3. That’s funny: when I place her new collar – a gift from me – on the bar in front of her, she reacts visibly. (What would she do if I put the butt plug I brought her there?) The truth is, no one notices. The bar is ours alone, ten feet from the main bar.

4. She comes for me for the first time in the cab. (Does the cabby notice?) It’s amazing how sweet and strong the smell of her cunt is on my fingers, even from just grazing it. Yum.

5. Since she’s paying, I want her to pay. I hand the money she got for the purpose out of the ATM back to her. It felt bad to have to ask her to pay. It feels good to make her pay.

6. Through the doors of Le Trapeze. Collar goes on. It’s amazing how sexy she looks in her minidress, thigh-highs, and (my) collar. The look is definitely improved when I remove my black leather belt, loop it through the collar’s O-ring, and give it a yank. It’s a leash!

7. Should she come for me or suck my cock first? (We are in the front room with three or four other couples. We still are clothed.) I’ll strip her to her lingerie! That’s good… ok… she should come for me.

8. “I don’t know if I’m relaxed enough to come,” she says. Ok… but she’s relaxed enough to play with herself for me, and for everyone else in the room. To crawl across the room. And back. For me. And hey! Look at that! After sucking my cock a little, she IS relaxed enough to come. That’s HOT!

9. I’m so glad I brought this Sharpie. But what should I write (on her)? N’s slut? Please don’t touch? Property of N? All of the above!

10. Let’s go check out the rest of the action!

11. Party room… check. Upstairs rooms… check. You know what? Let’s do some sucking and fucking in a private room. (This leash is fun. I like how people are staring at us as I literally yank her chain.)

12. How many times has she come? 3? 4? I’ve lost track. What? She doesn’t know either? Shit. Thirteen was our goal.

13. Let’s explore again. Party room, upstairs, party room. Not too much going on anywhere. But the party room is big. And it has mirrors on the ceiling.

14. I should have done this from the beginning! Hash marks to keep track of her orgasms! On her abdomen! Yum! (I think we are at seven. Let’s start at seven.)

15. (While sucking her clit…) wait a second… someone is licking my balls. I hope it’s someone I want to lick my balls. Actually, I want V to suck my cock. “V? Please suck my cock.” Thank you. “Good girl.” (That woman who was licking my balls is cute. Maybe next time.)

16. More orgasms. What the FUCK is wrong with this porn? I love pussy, but that woman’s pussy is just GROSS. And I don’t think I’ve ever thought that. (Overheard among our neighbors, whom I just waved away from V: “What’s wrong with that woman’s pussy? I know. RIGHT?”)

17. Relaxing, pillow talk. I love pillow talk in a room in which eight other people are fucking.

18. This guy’s approaching us. We aren’t touching anyone else…. what? “Are you the blogger?” Did he seriously just ask me that? “Hi, I’m N. And this is V.” “Wow,” he said. “I’ve read a lot about you. It’s great to meet you.” And he (and his partner) were gone.

And so were we, two or three orgasms later. V had, I believe, fourteen hash marks on her belly.

And a postscript: “Closing Time,” the song played to announce the end of festivities, is NOT originally by REM. Or by Leonard Cohen.

N. was wrong. V was right. It’s by Semisonic.


  1. So let me get this straight…you remembered a leash, a butt plug and a sharpie…but you forgot your wallet??? You kill me!

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