The clothes make the man

Once upon a time, I wore a suit to work. Every day.

That was before.

I hated it.

I felt like the suit was a part of the elaborate drag that my work world required of me, and I resented it. I had a militantly rebellious attitude. I swore I would never wear French cuffs (I thought they were pretentious and ostentatious). I had a narrative about the ridiculousness of ties, the barbarism of ties (tight knot around the neck, etc.).

I was oblivious to how sexy a well tailored suit can be, how the details of a man’s dressing can enhance his appeal, and his sense of being appealing.

Also, at the time, I was fat. Or really, I felt unattractive, and my fatness was a part of it.

So I lost out. I didn’t get to be Christian Gray, even though I could have been. I could have worn the sexy suit, the French cuffs, and been the suit-wearing hot guy.

But my sexual awakening came at around the same time my retirement from suits came. I only wear suits, now, to funerals. And the truth is, I like it that way.

The good news?

I love jeans, and it turns out, a dude can look pretty good in a pair of jeans.

And I recently resumed wearing a watch, primarily because of this fine post by Girl on the Net.


Thanks to my new friend Véronique for selecting the photos for this post.

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