Aide-memoire as tease

Before you hear from either Véronique or me about the rest of the evening that began like this, I thought I’d post the e-mail V sent me between when I dropped her off, and when I got home, all of twenty minutes later. The subject line was “things I don’t want to forget about tonight.”

Mis-reading the blog post and waiting in the bathroom by myself for 5 minutes, wondering where you were.

2 bourbons by myself (really quite enjoyable)

Laughing as soon as I got into the car, realizing of course you wouldn’t be there. feeling excited/nervous. 

The spank where I lost my holding and the smack flung me forward.  Just happened to land my hand on the sink a foot in front of me to ground myself. 

How my senses adjusted when you bound me and blindfolded.  I could tell when you were right in front of me, and when you weren’t.  I could smell you, feel your presence.  

You pushing me down on the bed, hands still bound, spreading my legs open, running your hand over my ass, my cunt.

You setting up camp in my pussy for a million hours, making me come at least 4 times in a row.

The two of us coming at the same time. Glorious.

Me bent over the desk, breast being touched (your hand? mine?) while you pushed your fingers into me over and over again.

Not feeling ashamed in the slightest of going into a hotel without any luggage and then leaving 3 hours later.


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