Sexy racer

So I’m not a big sports fan, and I don’t even know what happened in Barcelona in track and field, and I never heard of Michelle Jenneke before this video went viral, but… I’m sorry, it’s both hot and funny, and I recommend it. Highly.


Postscript: I have a chickenshit friend who reads my blog and sends me comments, instead of posting them on here. But his comment on this one was spot on, so I’ve added it here:

Equally clueless, equally amused and turned on by it. But mostly ’cause she goes on to win, huge. I’m going to have to figure out why, but I’m pretty sure if she’d turned out to be lousy (even if only measured by not doing well in that heat, in a tournament her mere entry in which signals she’s one of the fastest women in the world), I’d be unable to be turned on by it.  See also Anna kournikova, Manon rheaume; but see Danica Patrick [sic]  (Note to him: if you don’t want me to reproduce your typos, then enter your own damned comments.)

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