This is what she did for me

We went on a date once.  It was before the blog, but after the invention of the “Nick” for whom “N” stands. We liked one another, but, for various reasons, it wasn’t meant to be. And then, two weeks ago, she sent me a message, about how she had discovered my blog, put two and two together, and, she wrote, “and of course now i want to suck your cock.”

Well, I’ve often joked that I have a blowjobs policy:  I don’t say no.

In truth, as I’ve written, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  But only a bit.  Because the truth is, what I find complicated about being a full-throated, I’ll-fuck-anything-that-moves slut isn’t the blowjob part.  At all.

So it pretty much is a policy.  If offered a blowjob, I’m unlikely to say no.

And so I didn’t.  In fact, I said this.  And it was fucking awesome.  It didn’t go precisely as planned.  (She was menstruating, for one.)  When we met, we spoke.  Not at great length, but for the entirety of the walk from where we met to the hotel (about six minutes).  We checked in.  The room was cold.  Meat-locker-cold.

I pushed her back on the bed, bent down, kissed her.  She got up to get her Hitachi Magic Wand – she “has a whole routine,” she said.  She started to undress, but I stopped her.

I didn’t blindfold her immediately, but rather, after she’d gotten started.  Her head hung off the side of her bed as she touched herself, as she “wanded” herself.  I pressed my hard cock against her face, through my shorts.

I didn’t make her beg, though I did withhold it for some time, I did trail it over her lips, her cheeks.  She did say that she “takes a long time to cum.”  She said this before she started.  And about a minute and a half before she came for the first time.  She was loud.  And violent.  She clenched her legs together and rolled over to the side as she turned off the Hitachi.  Each time.  And there were, I think, four.  Maybe three.  But I think four.

I asked her to tease my cock, and she did – with the Hitachi, as well as with her mouth, and her hands.  I had her remove her top – a tank top – and her bra.  And then her skirt.  Somehow, when her skirt came off, I was surprised she wasn’t wearing underwear, but she had removed it (I, actually, had removed it) while she was playing with herself.

Her cocksucking?  Expert.  Her mouth was soft, warm, inviting, and her technique was perfect.  She teased me as I like to be teased, she varied her approach constantly.  She grew tired, and so played with herself again for a bit.  I trailed my cock over her face again, as she did.  As she came, she asked me to be quiet.  “ShhhhhhHHHHHHH!” she demanded.


We had some back and forth.  She wanted quiet when she came.  We established that my talking hadn’t in any way lessened the quality of her experience. “So shut the fuck up,” I said. Twice.

She resumed sucking my cock, this time, not on the bed, but with me sitting on a chair, her, kneeling on a pillow.  “Where do you want me to cum?” I asked.  (Her jaw was visibly getting sore.)

“In my mouth is o.k.”

And then, an apology:  “I’m really good at cock-sucking,” she said, “but not so good at making guys cum.”

“You won’t have any problem making me cum,” I said.

And she didn’t. Winking smile

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  1. Hell, I love to give blowjobs, there’s as much pleasure for me in giving them as in receiving for myself.

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