Are you hard? A little?

I’m very hard. Very fucking hard.

I’m glad. Wish I was just around the corner. You’d get a text message from me.  “Come down, bring condoms”

I’d reply, “I have them. Come up.”

“No, come down.”

“Careful what you wish for. You sure?”

“Yes, why should I be careful?”

I come down. You are surprised to see me with a riding crop in my hand, handcuffs jangling from my belt, and a little velvet bag, bulging with goodies.

I open the passenger door to my car, parked on the street.

“Get in,” I say.

I get in. With a terrified/ aroused look on my face. I say nothing. I reach for your hand.

I don’t take your hand. I start the car.

“Lie back,” I say.

“Take your panties off, and please play with yourself. No – not secretly. I want everyone who drives by to see you. Pull your dress all the way up, so your cunt is clearly visible.”

I pull out of the parking spot and drive toward the center of town.

I obey.  I play with myself. I reach for you with my other hand and you reject me once more.  I’m soaking wet. “Please touch me,” I say.

“No,” I say.

I drive for a few minutes. You continue to touch yourself.

“Not yet.”

And we get to a crowded street. People are craning their heads to look in, to see your fingers pushing in and out of your pussy, rubbing your clit.

You’re oblivious.

I drive on, on.

We reach a somewhat desolate alley.

“Get out,” I say. “Lean up against the back of the car, and lift your dress again.”

You do as I say.

I lift my dress. My ass exposed, my pussy wet.

My heart races. I’m scared.

I can’t see you.

You hear the thwack of the crop on your ass even before you feel it.

Five times.

And then, silence.

After a few seconds, you feel my arm wrap around your throat, pulling you back, as my cock slides into you from behind.

Tears of pain and pleasure run down my cheeks.

I feel my juices running down my thighs.

I reach for your hands again.

I grab your wrists and hold them together with my left hand, my right arm choking you, pulling you back, as I sink deep into you. I pound you, hard, until we both are exhausted.

I gently turn you around and ease you to your knees….

I kneel. My mouth watering with anticipation. Fear. My pussy is sore.

I look up at you. Innocently.

Hoping you’ll go easy on me.

I push your head back, against the car.

I rest my cock on your lips.

(That’s going to be the end of this chapter, my dear. I need to go to sleep. Now – go take your bath and finish yourself off. I’d like to hear your voice, your words, when I wake up in the morning. Describe your orgasm for me.  Please.)



Thank you for the delicious chapter.


A note:  I sought two pictures for this post – one, of a gorgeous woman touching herself in the passenger seat of a car, and one of a man fucking a woman against a car.  I found nothing that tickled my fancy, that I thought would tickle yours.  D’you think I can crowdsource it?  If you can find a hot picture or two to accompany this exchange, please send it my way:  [email protected].

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