I love gay men

As I walked out of my gym yesterday, a good-looking guy tripped on the doorstop that propped open the door. He bumped into me.

“Sorry,” he said.  “I saw you and I lost my concentration.  Thanks!”

Now, you ladies hear this stuff all the time, and it’s got a dose of power/threat in it sometimes.  We men?  We never hear it.  At least I don’t.

And it felt very nice.


  1. When you’re pretty much hetero I think there’s also a wonderful thrill to (sort of) getting hit on by someone of the same sex. I remember the one time I was *really* the target of very cute lesbian. It was a very fun flirtation.

    However, I would almost never say what your gym guy said to a random hot guy, mostly b/c of the concern that he would think it was totally forward come on and, therefore, invitation.

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