Notes to my younger self

  1. Desperation is never sexy.
  2. Hunger – particularly specific, particular hunger – is sexy.
  3. Confidence is sexy.
  4. If I feel hot, I am hot.
  5. Women like to hear what you think about them. Especially if what you think is, “I want to fuck you.” As long as you say it politely.
  6. Cock size doesn’t matter (to most women).
  7. The ability to deliver orgasms is a super-power.
  8. Confidence doesn’t require fearlessness. They are different.
  9. Related: one can be afraid and confident. Chicks dig that.
  10. Rejection is ubiquitous, inevitable, and best delivered by humans other than me, when delivered to me.


  1. All very true. They may be notes to your younger self, but there is something to be said for maturity and the learning curve. There is a certain amount of inherent sexiness to the mature, self aware man that a younger version, no matter how wise, would not be able to imitate.

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