Her mouth, twice

She sends me pictures.

In the first, her lips (to me) are luscious, full, sweet-looking.

She says I’m wrong, that they’re small.  But that her bottom lip is “fuller.”  They’re eminently kissable.

She accepts “sweet” as a compliment.

She has two beauty marks on her chin.  I want to kiss them tenderly.

Before I invite her mouth onto me.

Her teeth are perfect – straightened, she says, by braces.  I want to feel them, for my tongue to curl up behind them, in front of them.

In the second one, her tongue reaches out, up, to the right.  I want it pressing against the underside of my cock as I slide into her mouth.

I want to look up toward her mouth as I taste her, as I move my tongue up, to the right, between her thighs, as my hand grabs her ass, pulling her to my face.

To see what she looks like when she cums, her face framed by her thighs.


  1. Lips are so damn hot. I’ve heard of “ass man” and “leg man” and “breast man” — but “lip man” isn’t as popular. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it. But man, lips are so damn hot.

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