Google’s interesting, and I don’t understand how it works (as I’ve written before).  It baffles me that people have arrived at this blog after Googling things as obscure as “fucking star,” or as improbable as “gay porno.”

It got me to thinking – what are the Google searches I would like to lead people here?

Here are a few:

thoughtful sexblog
polyamory skeptic
male feminist slut
straight but not narrow
sensual dom
hot and smart

These are the sort of associations I’d like people to have when they read my blog, my “brand,” if you will.  How’m I doing?  What do you think of when you read this blog?


  1. I think all of those things are very accurate, and I definitely have thought some of them myself. You might consider more explicit labels, as they really do seem to connect with Google searches. It's all about SEO. I still get weird search hits, but probably 80% now are driven by the images. I sort of love that it's becoming a destination for gorgeous erotic images. But the result is that people spend a ridiculous amount of time once they get there.

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