What turns me on

Someone on Formspring just asked me the question, “What turns you on?” and it got me thinking.  (I don’t know about Formspring.  I joined, because, in the context of my contest with L for viewers, I thought it might be a useful tool.  I’ve killed about fifteen minutes there over the last couple of weeks, and they’ve been fun enough – sort of like masturbation, but without the orgasm.)

Anyway, here’s what I wrote for them:

Intelligence. Confidence. Complete submission. Wit. Laughter. Irony. Shortness. Vocabulary. Grammar. Diction. Yielding. Clothing. Availability. Enthusiasm. Creativity. Desire. Playfulness. Blondeness. Red-headedness. Brunette-ness. Grey hair. No hair. Hair. Curls. Revelry. Jeans. T-shirts. Lingerie. Flesh pressing against fabric, fabric against flesh. Yoga pants. Discrete/discreet. Self-pleasure. Self-control. Black and white. Color. Approaching. Receding. Anticipating. Planning. Experiencing. Remembering.

I’m not your usual bear, for sure.

Show me softcore porn, not hardcore.  My favorite porn websites – the ones that, over the years, occasionally have succeeded in separating me from my money – are ones which are pretty basic, and pretty vanilla.  (OK – if you insist.  AmateurAllure, OnlyTease and its sisters, X-Art, and IFeelMyself are the ones that most consistently get me off, or that get my money).

Keep your clothes on – at least most of them.  I prefer clothes to nudity – I’d rather look at the curve of your breast under fabric than at your nude breast (and same with touching – I’d rather cup and caress your clothed breast than your nude one).

Wear jeans and a t-shirt, or, if circumstances require (or we’re going to fuck, and I’m going to do more than just look at you), a cotton sundress or a tiny black dress.

Actually, wear what I ask you to wear.

I maintain a Tumblr as a sort of “parking lot” for images that turn me on.  Follow my Tumblr; be turned on by what turns me on.  Follow me on Twitter.  Be turned on.  Tweet back.

As I’ve written elsewhere, give me blowjobs and ride me hard.  Don’t hope I cum when you’re sucking my cock; hope I can go forever – because I can, and the last thing I want is to outlast your enthusiasm.  Be hungry for my cock.  When you learn that I have infinite stamina and perfect control, show me a slow, sly smile.

Allow me to lick your cunt for at least as long as I demand you suck my cock.

Be vulnerable, but not weak.  Know yourself.  Submit to me, get off when I get what I want.  Demand that I give you precisely what you want.

Get wet with me; make me hard.  Never say no.  Always want more.

What turns you on?


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