First kiss – a week ago

We sat next to each other while her boyfriend and my wife chatted. The chemistry seemed a little… spark-i-er… between her and me than between the two of them. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying that much attention to T and the Dude (though no Lebowski he), instead, sliding my hand up S’s thigh. The conversation was terrific – lots of points of connection, lots of stuff in common, etc. But as is the case when these things are best, that was gravy: it was like good background music. When it came time to say good night (this was a first date, after all, and we’re not often the kind of couple who puts out on a first date), he abruptly was off to the bathroom, leaving the three of us on the street. First I kissed S – pulled her head toward me, kissed hard, opening my mouth, and finding her mouth open and ready. Moments later, she and T shared the briefest of open-mouthed kisses. And T and I were off, headed home….

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