Dec 072012

The hottest girl in the world (THGITW), other than my wife, had her own reply to my post the other day, about cheating and judgment, and to the responses in the comments, but since she is the hottest girl in the world (other than my wife), I thought I’d let her speak her mind in […]

Dec 062012

Comedy was a big part of my childhood. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember fondly some or other bits of comedic brilliance from sometime between, say, 1975 and 1985. Today, I found myself – for reasons I don’t entirely remember – reminiscing about Chevy Chase’s and Garrett Morris’s brilliant recap of the […]

Dec 052012

Lately, I’ve been observing – and feeling – all sorts of judgment. Now, when I’m at my best, I’m almost entirely non-judgmental. I don’t like judgment, don’t like judging people, don’t like feeling judged. The truth is, I think it’s rarely possible to judge someone fairly without walking a life in their shoes (forget a […]