Aug 232013

Hypothesis: most of us have at least one or two things that we really really don’t want someone to know. (Google and the NSA could confirm this.) Some secrets are shameful (like the ones I carried around for years). Some aren’t so much shameful as embarrassing (like that I can’t describe this Cheerios ad without […]

Aug 022013
Secrets and lies

[Note: I don’t often write about politics. Today, I am, for just a moment.] Parents keep things from their kids. In a healthy family, most of those things aren’t secrets – things which the kids aren’t permitted to know, but rather, are simply private – things that aren’t said aloud. The most obvious example, of […]

Oct 112012

Privacy is good, secrets are bad, at least for me. There’s a 12-step saying – when you’re doing well, your addict is doing pushups in your basement. For me, secrets are a sure-fire way to strengthen “my addict.” Worse, they’re actually both a tell that my addict is in town, and they’re prima facie evidence […]