Feb 192012
My origin myth–an alternate, and abbreviated, telling

Although we weren’t young when we married, it was as if we were.  We loved each other truly, madly, deeply, and we satisfied the requisite two of the three possible requirements for a satisfying marriage:  we made each other think and made each other laugh.  Although we made each other cum, we did so infrequently, […]

Feb 152012

Liza sent me a very thoughtful note on the question of sympathetic-ness and authenticity, in which she raised a number of questions – many of which I expect I’ll return to in the coming days.  But for this post, I want to cover a key question she asked that my form of narrative may have […]

Jan 262012

A couple of folks have asked for a little… clarity… about who I am, how I come to be here writing this, and about the cast of characters. My strong inclination isn’t to go too far down that road – the blog actually lays out the answers to most of those questions if you read […]