Jan 082015

Any particular scenes? Why? I was asked this recently by a woman who, I hope, will not remain nameless. And I responded with two movies, one scene each. They both appeared in 1986, a crucial year in the development of my sexuality, and just prior to its stagnation, two years later…. At the time, I […]

Oct 202014

I couldn’t sleep. My stomach was upset – acid indigestion. I made the mistake of having two glasses of grapefruit juice right before bed. I should have known better. Anyway, I browsed on Netflix for something, and stumbled on “Thanks for Sharing,” one of the recent spate of movies about “sex addiction.” It’s really not […]

Nov 202012

Mark O’Brien was a survivor of polio. In his late 30s, paralyzed from the neck down, but with sensation, nonetheless, he resolved to experience intercourse. “The Sessions” is the story of his sexual – and romantic – awakening, first with an attendant, and then with a sex surrogate, played by Helen Hunt. O’Brien is played […]