Dec 302017

A reader recently suggested I consider therapy. This is a ridiculous suggestion. Not because I don’t “need therapy” – I do. But because I am, in fact, one of the world’s largest consumers of therapy. Here’s a graph, showing Americans’ lifetime consumption of therapy – with none on the left, and more on the right. […]

Dec 202017
Happiness, loneliness (not hot)

I recently got some good news – a promise of something really good. The promise extended over a few weeks – long enough for me to worry it might not come to fruition, to avoid counting my proverbial chickens. Today, the chickens arrived, and I counted them. They’re all there. Every last one of them. […]

Aug 192017

It’s a bitch. Jack Kornfield once gave a talk in which he described his (and my) experience of it in which he said that it just isn’t particularly responsive remediation. It’s more like a fundamental fact than a response to a particular given social context or a specific social lack. I feel this, acutely. I’ve […]

Sep 092013

The other day, I wrote about some of my self-destructive impulses, about how, when lonely, I sometimes act (and often feel compelled to act) in ways that simultaneously exacerbate the sense of loneliness and make me feel responsible for that loneliness, by making me feel ashamed of myself. I wrote, almost as a throwaway at […]

Jun 052013

I don’t, generally, think of myself as being “above” gossip. Occasionally I purvey, and/or consume, gossip. More than I’d like. But the other day, I learned a particularly juicy collection of morsels of gossip. And it left me feeling… icky. My first reaction was one of self-satisfaction: “I’m superior, better. Other people trade on this […]