Flurry of Charlotte

In coming days, there will be a flurry of posts about my relationship with Charlotte. A number of them will be painful. They will predict futures that don’t come to be. They all were written before yesterday – when we met, and talked our way through some pretty huge difficulties, and reached some accommodations. We’re giving it another shot, and I think we’re both pleased, both relieved.

Toward the tail end of that discussion, I relieved Charlotte of her phone. (She had said something obnoxious, and I punished her, gently.) “I need it!” she whined.

“You may have it either when you leave, or when you suck my cock,” I said.

Some pleading ensued. “What if I crawl to you and beg?”

“You could try that….” I said. Not very encouragingly.

We didn’t have much time. But I can come quickly, if circumstances require.

At length, Charlotte fetched herself a pillow, situated herself between my knees, and took my cock in her talented, warm, moist mouth. Three or four minutes later, my hands gripping her head as she swirled her phenomenal tongue around the underside of my cock, I filled her mouth (and then some) with cum; she dribbled some out over her leg, over my pants. We cleaned up, and I gave her back her phone.

Stay tuned for some posts that led up to this one.

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