Nov 052017

In addition to wanting my cock in her mouth, Tamora wants to have sex with me and another woman. Ideally, this woman would be blindfolded, silent, subject to her – and my – wishes.

This would work quite well for me, and I’m committed to making it happen. (Volunteers, apply within.)

What I want from Tamora, in addition, vis-a-vis other women, is for her to find one for me. To bring me a plaything to share with her.

The two fantasies aren’t all that far apart, are they?

We established all this on a recent evening during which she expertly sucked my cock, during which I collected a number of orgasms I can’t count (but perhaps she can/did). She complimented my body, which is a full 45 pounds lighter than it was 18 months ago. I complimented hers, which – she tells me – is a bit heavier lately. I didn’t notice. Her body’s always delectably soft, and it was so on this evening.

We like each other, and we like one another’s taste. Those are good things.

Say something! (I just did....)

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