Jan 052013

Hey, you. Yeah, you. I can see the outline of your bra through your t-shirt, the outline of your boyshorts through your skirt.

I want you to stand near me – close enough that I can smell you, that I can sense you, but not so much that we touch. Or rather, close enough that when you bend down to fix your shoe, or pick up the item you dropped, your ass brushes against me as it juts back, beautifully. Close enough that when my eyes focus on that ass, others in the room won’t notice. Or rather, they won’t be able to help noticing your ass, but they won’t notice my eyes, the lascivious, monomaniacal way in which they lock on the curve of your ass pressing against the soft cotton fabric of your panties, pressing against the soft cotton fabric of your skirt.

I’ll adjust myself, my stance, so my cock, as it grows hard, isn’t quite so obvious. Maybe my hand will slide my cock to the left, just a bit, and up, as your eyes are at about the same level, as you come up from picking up whatever it was you “dropped.”

Did you wear that skirt because you know how I love to watch you move in it, how I love to see the fabric yield to the pressure of your flesh? Did you wear those boyshorts because you know that I almost can’t bear to see their outline through the nearly sheer fabric of the skirt? And that t-shirt. Did you wear it, together with that black, patterned, bra because you knew it would be almost perfectly visible?

Did you dress this way for me, because you knew it would make it nearly impossible for me to resist you, even to behave semi-appropriately, with you present? Or because our sense of what’s sexy on you is so perfectly aligned? Did you even think of me when you slid those panties up your legs, and pulled them snug against your pussy?

As you dressed yourself, did you imagine me bending you over, lifting the skirt up over your hips, tearing the panties down, or pulling them to the side as I plunge my cock into you? Did you imagine me grabbing your breasts roughly through that shirt, through the bra, the fabric scratching your breasts as I squeeze, hard? Did you wonder if I would restrain you, if I would tie you up, if I would push you down hard? Or did you think I would simply lie back and invite you to consume my cock? Or were you even thinking of me?

It doesn’t matter.

Because I will do all those things. I will kneel you down and feed you my cock. I will lie back, and invite you to devour me. I will bend you over and fuck you. I will push you down, tie you up, fuck you hard, slide into you slowly.

I will use you. And you will love it.

(Thanks to Nic and Lace, for inspiration. If you don’t read this post, you should know, I basically stole this from them. They are so fucking hot.)

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  1. Oh I definitely need fresh panties after reading this…

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  3. Nice observational aspect to this. I felt like I was watching, observing two people from afar.


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  14. That’s hot. Soaking panties hot…

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