Going to a strip club with Serena – one vision

Serena wants to go to a strip club with me – and I want to go with her!

Preliminary thoughts:

In this fantasy, Serena and I go to a strip club together. She has a big budget ($100? $500? $1k? More?). Her goal is not to spend it all, but rather to use it to accomplish precisely what she thinks she and I will most enjoy. We will have discussed this all before, so we will be on the same page. We’re not looking for a raucous baller experience. We’re looking for a sensual, intimate experience. Maybe with one, maybe with two other women.

I want not to think, or at least not to think much. I’d like my views on the women consulted, mostly in that I would like to be asked if there are specific women I would like, and I would like to have a veto. But I want her to do most of the thinking. I’d like a long lead-up featuring massages and lap dances.

I want a selection process that gets us through a minimum of, say, five possibilities (so: more than $100) before we narrow it down to our final one or two. I want Serena doing my bidding. And I want exquisite communication. Not quite wordless, but somehow effortless.

Alcohol is not a big part of this fantasy for me. I’m not particularly interested in getting drunk. I’m not particularly interested in spending money on drinks. I want the money to be spent on my our pleasure. Not on the women’s enrichment beyond that which is necessary for my our pleasure.

The thrill here is not expenditure, profligacy, or carelessness.

The thrill is obtaining. And connecting.