Disobedience – part 2

You read part 1. We resume our story….

I sent Charlotte upstairs and told her that she might want to hide from me. “Why?!?” she asked.

Because an interrogation awaited, I informed her.

When I came upstairs, Charlotte once again complained that it’s hard to run in a hotel room this small. I told her I didn’t really care, that I could catch her and subdue her pretty much anywhere pretty quickly, which I genuinely believe to be true, but she doesn’t. (“I’m fast!” she says) Whatever. It didn’t take long for me to catch Charlotte, press her down into a chair, tie her hands behind her head, and her feet to the chair, legs apart.

I lowered the bright desk light onto her face.

From here on, I don’t remember the sequence of events all that well, as often happens when I have sex, but here are a few of the things that happened over the next couple of hours:

I splashed Charlotte’s face with water for her non-compliance. “I don’t want to be waterboarded!” she said. “I wrote that on the test.”

Of course, I didn’t really waterboard her. I just tossed some water (and not very much at that) from a water bottle onto her face.

As she sat restrained in the chair, I choked her. I brought her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly using the magic wand, using her pink vibrator, using my fingers, and my tongue. And, I interrogated her. I asked her lots of questions about decisions she had made, things she had done, things she had not done, about her feelings about all of this. I asked her, slapping her repeatedly across the face, if she had thoughts about how she might have behaved differently in the hours and days leading up to this date.

I should say that, leading up to this date, it was all very fun, good-spirited. My cock was hard.

Charlotte said she was getting really sleepy, though. (She hadn’t yet even touched my cock.) I told her to wake her ass up and suck my cock. She did, of course. Expertly. And I, generously, came quickly; I didn’t take the hour or longer to come that I like to take often – it’s no fun to have your (my) cock sucked by someone who would prefer to be doing something else. Charlotte was enthusiastic, but she was unmistakably exhausted. The interrogation had, in fact, taken a lot out of her. And, she had had a LONG night the night before.

After I came, I flipped her over onto her back to collect half a dozen more orgasms. At which point, she pleaded with me: “Would you please come up here and just lie next to me?”

I did that. We lay there and chatted, just a little. In no time, she drifted off. And I pondered the evening.

After about thirty minutes, I slid my arm out from under her neck, washed up, kissed her goodbye, and left.

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