Charlotte, devoting an evening to me

A general principle: if something isn’t clear, or if you aren’t sure what I want, you may ask me by text, but don’t wait more than thirty seconds for a response. If I don’t respond, either move on to the next item or, better, decide what you think I want. And give that to me.

And another one: no editing. No curating. Every photo you take, I want; every video, I want. There’s just no reason you should spend a moment deciding not to give me anything.

Pack for a weekend. At least one formal dinner. At least one trip to the gym. At least one sex party. Pack both your wand and your pink vibrator. And every pair of panties you own. Wear your collar to the hotel out of your house, on the train, and as you check in and settle in. You won’t remove it until the morning, after checking out.

I want to see the collar in each of those places (home, subway, hotel, room), on your pretty neck.

Throughout, please don’t make me wait for photos/videos; please press send/share on each photo/video as you complete it.

Thirty minutes: Have a drink or two. Relax. Take at least one picture per minute for twenty minutes (no fewer than twenty pictures; more welcome). This can be in the hotel bar or one nearby (in which case, please tell at least one woman what you are doing, and ask her to take a picture of you for me). Or it can be alone in your room. (Bring liquor of your choice if you drink in the hotel; tell me what I owe you either way.)

Once in your room:

Fill in your form “texting guys” form for today.

Go shopping for an outfit (a complete outfit) I can tear off of you. Including lingerie. Spend no more than $100. I’m sending you the cash now. Send me the order acknowledgements.


At least thirty minutes (ten minutes per outfit, up to an hour/six outfits): Show me as you dress, as you add each item. Once dressed, tease your cunt outside your clothing for me for five minutes. Then, again, under it for five minutes, showing me all on video. In each outfit. Please. Don’t. Come. And then, show me, again, as you undress – one photo per item.

In all photos for tonight: unless you’re duplicating a closeup photo, please don’t show me closeups. Make use of your phone’s timer. Set the phone on a dresser. Step back. Let there be space around your body in all shots, unless there isn’t in the shot you’re duplicating. I like seeing your body, and not just the close-up bits. It’s good to use the timer!

Congratulations! You have earned some orgasms! (or would have, had you done this in anything like a timely fashion. But you haven’t. So. Before you start coming….

Spend at least twenty five minutes (and up to an hour) coming edging for me. Whatever position you want. Whatever device(s). Just make sure I see it all. Please don’t stop except to the extent you absolutely must, and then, for the bare minimum amount of time only. (Though you may stop after five minutes.)

[A note: from here on out – in general, not just tonight – I want you to try to get in the habit of saying, “I’m coming for you N/ick,” just before your orgasms. And “Thank you, N/ick,” just after them. Please don’t forget.]

Up to one hour: Photoshoots!

There are still a few more on this page…. Please do your best, with what clothes you have, to complete those you haven’t done yet. I don’t care so much about details or quality; quantity matters much more. Just. Fucking. Take. Pictures.

After that?

Go to this page, and take the first picture, and then every fifth picture thereafter for me. All I care about with these is that I see a lot of your thighs, cunt, and breasts, in the positions shown. The clothes don’t matter to me, as long as I see at least as much flesh as is shown in these shots.

Including your “bits.”

Now? It’s time to dance.

Pick three one songs. Just. Dance. One long video. Have fun.

Now, pick another song. Dance again. This time? Your back to me the whole time.

Now. Change clothes. Put on panties. A dress. A bra/lette. Pick three more songs.

You are a stripper for me.

In the first song, you’re fully clothed. After the first/for the second? You are topless, but with your dress still on your bottom half. And for the third? Lose the dress. Just you in your panties. Make sure, throughout, that you’re teasing your pussy a lot for me.

Pick a fourth song – a long one. Maybe the 7-minute “Spirit Bird” song I have been listening to. Maybe another 7-minute song. For that song? I just want to watch you come edge. A close-up of your face. For seven minutes. While you come edge over and over. Position the phone so you don’t need to hold it. And do your best to keep your eyes on the camera! The whole. Fucking. Time.

After that? Time for another drink, I’d say….

Have a drink. Record me some audio. Tell me how you’re feeling. How your body is feeling. How your mind is feeling. Tell me what you’ve been enjoying. What has been harder/less fun. What you want more of. What you’re looking forward to in our upcoming get-togethers.

Record a vide of you fellating your vibrator for five solid minutes, please.

Now? Come Edge again. Use the wand this time. I have a feeling you’ll have been using the pink vibrator a lot this far. But I want you to come edge using the wand. Please. And this time, show me your cunt as you come edge for me. An angle like one of these:

Get dressed again. Different outfit. Play 3 more songs. Strip for me. Come Edge again. With the wand.

Do you still have panties left? Let’s get the rest of them on you, cunty, and off of you. A minute of edging in each remaining pair of panties.

One minute, on your back, legs open as wide as possible. (Imagine your ankles tied to the opposite corners of the bed.) Like this:

Once, on your hands and knees, your phone pointing at your ass. In this position, with something like this angle:

Again, hands and knees, phone under you, looking up at your sweet pussy.

[That same position as above, but with the phone pointing up at your cunt, on the bed, between your legs.]

Once, standing, facing me. In this position:

And once, standing, your ass to me, legs as far apart as possible:

So. Five minutes for each pair of panties. That could be a LOT!!!

NOW. Are you ready to come?

I’m gonna see you fuck yourself with your pink vibrator.

Panties off.

Again – I don’t want a close-up, if possible. I’d prefer that you put your phone somewhere I can see clearly, but where you’re not holding it. (If you have to hold it, please hold it as far from your pussy as you can manage.) One of these angles/shots, or whatever you can manage that’s close to it:

Slowly, slowly: two minutes, please. With the vibrator off. Just glide it slowly in and out of your wet, wet cunt for me. And don’t come quite yet.

Make a form, or forms, that you would like to see me fill in about women with whom I interact:

  • women with whom I stretch
  • women with whom I interact via my blog
  • women via Feeld/other apps
  • Shelby (interactions and, if there are any, dates)
  • miscellaneous women
  • How, and when, you want to read posts prior to their being published

It’s almost time for the evening to end. But first? You are going to edge for me until you can’t any more, or at least, until it’s not fun. Twenty-five seconds on, five off. Could be a minute. Could be five. Could be thirty. But I want you on your back, and your thighs wide, throughout. Panties on for this part.

Now, it’s time to start coming for me. Turn your vibrator on. And don’t. Stop. Coming. Until. You. Must. [I need to see it all.] Again – pick your angle. But the shot should look something like one of the four above.

When you’ve had your last orgasm? I want a short video of your face, talking to me, telling me how you’re feeling. Ending with thanks, and with good night. And then? I want your phone on airplane mode. Until your alarm goes off in the morning. Seriously. I’ll send you a message in WhatsApp – likely shortly after your good-night, and it should not show as having been delivered.


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