There’s something about the story I imagine in her presentation.

Simultaneous concern for appearance with an effortlessness. And a paradoxical absence of vanity. A sort of pride, without worry, or attachment of meaning, beyond that pride. Which is loosely held. Her blonde hair is wispy, clean, gently arranged early in the day, but unmanaged since. Not thought about since. She doesn’t catch her image in windows she passes. I imagine she barely uses her mirror.
Confidence in the outcome of the effort. Indifference, but not hostility, to how her appearance is received, appreciated. It’s for her. It’s not for me. It’s not for anyone other than her. Though she’s generous: if I, or others, do appreciate her, that’s just fine. Nice, even.
Fitness that betrays a healthy diet, an active lifestyle. At the same time, with enough softness to indicate a comfort with not obsessing about fitness. Her active lifestyle obviates the gym. She doesn’t strive to be toned. She strives to feel good. And she does.
Casual style. Comfortable clothes that accentuate assets, but neither cost much nor reveal a beholden-ness to any fashion story or style beyond her own.
It all adds up to a stellar beauty.

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