Morning fellatio (a paean)

Our eyes locked as we crossed the same street. Her banana was already en route to her pretty mouth when we saw one another. Her blonde, long, wavy hair was to the left side, swept over her shoulder. Her coat stopped at the middle of her ass, leaving the bottom curves of her buttocks exquisitely visible through her black leggings.

Her blue eyes didn’t let go of my green ones as we walked toward one another, as her mouth opened to give the banana entry, as her lips slowly closed around it. She was careful as she engulfed the fruit’s flesh not to show even a hint of teeth. She gripped the banana tightly with her teeth, and I could swear the banana slid a full inch deeper in her mouth once her lips were wrapped around it before she gingerly bit into it.

I gave a wide, appreciative smile, and the corners of her eyes rose perceptively, seductively.

Before the banana left her mouth, we had passed one another. I didn’t turn around.

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