Drinking T

I got up, closed and locked our door, because cats. And kid.

I walked back toward T, who lay, languishing in the heat, atop our bed. “May I take these off?” I said, looping a finger under the waistband of her patterned panties.

She nodded.

A glass of ice water was nestled between her head and her pillow. Her body fairly glistened with sweat.

I gripped her thigh, and kissed it. I stroked her flat belly, tracing a line from her naval down to the first strands of hair. My finger’s path turned, outward, and traced down toward her thigh, avoiding the thickening hair around her cunt.

I kissed her thigh again, this time, on the inside. My hands slid under her ass as my elbows pressed her thighs out, away, creating space to work in. I blew, softly, on the thicket of hair, and my tongue brushed against it, finding her pussy quickly, easily.

As I pressed, as I licked, as I sucked, her hips bucked. She tried to push my hand away from her ass – she wanted to feel my fingers in her, to fill her even as her clit was responding to my tongue. I made her wait. The need she was feeling reverberated through me, reaching down to my cock, which twitched, which throbbed, with that same need.

She bucked again, arching, higher this time. She tried to get more sensation – from my tongue, from my hands – but she couldn’t get it. Not yet.

Minutes passed. I drank her in, tasting her, feeling her, and, finally, I licked two fingers and pressed them past her pussy’s lips, deep into her, pressing my fingertips against the roof of her cunt. She let out a satisfied moan as her pussy squeezed my fingers in welcome. Her pussy is so expressive – I can feel her pleasure, her hunger, her need, her orgasms. It pushes my fingers out, it pulls them back in, it tightens around them in ecstasy, and releases them in aftermath. She gushes, just a bit – not enough to drench me, but enough to fill my mouth and douse my lips.

And then, like a guy, she’s done. She lifts a leg over my head, signaling that she needs a break. And I give her one.


[Author’s note: I notice that I slipped from past tense to present in that penultimate paragraph. I’m not sure what to do with that, other than simply to note it.]

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