Presidential marriages

d2caa9b6cfc477899252e88ac89d950eA brief thought: Frank and Claire Underwood love one another truly, madly, deeply. As do Bill and Hillary Clinton. This has always seemed self-evident to me, throughout both men’s presidencies.

Why do so many people rush to denigrate their relationships as “marriages of convenience” or compromises in love made for the sake of power? What’s so scary about imagining that these couples really do love one another?

And a couple of side notes:

  1. Doesn’t Kate Mara’s ass look great in her too-brief appearance in Season 4?
  2. How is it that, in all the writing about “House of Cards,” the British version is so rarely mentioned? People were shocked that Frank killed Zoe in Season 2, but, because I’d seen the British series, I was just waiting for it.

One comment

  1. I think Frank and Claire have the best marriage. Their love is supportive, non restrictive and unconditional. I was not at all shocked when Frank killed Zoe. It suited his character well. I would have been more shocked if he hadn’t.

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