My narcissism, #17

In another corner of my life, I’ve been reminded, recently, how gratifying it is for me when others approve of me, or, better yet, think highly of me. This is especially true of people I find attractive, whether intellectually, professionally, conversationally, romantically, or sexually. But honestly, anyone’s approval will do.

When I receive approval, or praise, it’s like a balm for a wound. I suppose, actually, it’s not like balm for a wound – it is balm for a wound.

And the way I’m wired, when I receive that praise, I want not just to bask in it but, also, to share it. I want the praise to be seen, appreciated. I even want it to be approved of, praised.

In the rest of my life, it’s pretty unseemly to, say, boast of praise I’ve gotten. But here? I can inoculate myself, at least partially, against charges of egotism by issuing a disclaimer such as this, confessing the weak place from which the boast emanates. And then, having so inoculated myself, can go ahead and share/boast.

Toward that end, I’m going to post a series of “testimonials” – things women have said to me, usually in writing, of which I’m proud. These will be quotations from women with whom I’ve had sexual encounters since the inception of this blog. Some will be recent, some from the recesses of the past. Some will be attributed, others, anonymous.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed receiving them. And, as much as I’ll enjoy sharing them with you now.

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