She reminds me just a bit of a bird. Tiny, fragile. I imagine I could crush her in my hand.

I don’t want to crush her.

Some women give off the sense that they can take whatever I might give them. Sofia gave me that at a distance. Whatever I asked, she did. Whatever I imagined doing, whatever I asked her to do, she went along with. Although I cared for her, took care of her, and was attentive to her needs, her boundaries, her limits, the truth is… there really weren’t very many. Had I spanked her in person, I know that her ass could have taken whatever I might have rained down on her. Had I choked her, her neck, though delicate, would have withstood my grip.

Other women give off the opposite sense. Isabel is that way.

When I saw her, she was like a little bird, having fallen out of the nest, resting on the ground, waiting to be picked up. Don’t get me wrong. I have the sense that, professionally, in life, she’s quite strong, quite capable, quite confident. But she wasn’t in a professional setting. She was meeting me. And she was intimidated.

She’s in her mid-30s, petite, curvy. Her hair is shiny, shoulder-length. Her breasts are small. Her ass is full, but small, too. She’s super-cute.

She took some soothing, some settling. The service was abysmal, exceeded only by the attitude, but, finally, we had drinks in front of us. I had promised I’d be squeezing her ass, but the bar stools on which we sat – together with her shyness in public – limited me to her outer (and a little bit of her inner) thighs, through the tights I’d asked her to wear. (I’d referred her to this post in getting dressed. She had done well. She looked good. REALLY good.)

We had our drink. I established her fragility. I placed my hand on her throat, for just a moment.* The shiver of both excitement and fear she felt rippled up my arm. She told me her wrists are sensitive, that she probably couldn’t handle handcuffs. I wrapped my fingers around her wrists and pointed out that there are different kinds of handcuffs.

The night ended (mostly) chastely. It was a first date, constrained by mutual obligations.

There will, I hope, I trust, be more.

Stay tuned.


  •  In recent days, the hashtag #chokinggirlsaroundtheworld has been in the news. This is NOT what I did, how I do. Julien Blanc is a sociopathic sleazebag trying to manipulate women into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

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