Overheard between T & N during sex

We’re not at our parents any more. Our bed is (relatively) empty.

T: Do you want to put the cat out?
N: Oooh, you’re really pulling out all the stops….

N: You really should spend more time sucking my cock.
T: Mmhmm.
N: Do you think that was one of the charts in that book we bought your dad for Christmas? You know, “Time spent getting my cock sucked on one pie wedge, time I wish my cock were getting sucked on another wedge.”
T: Other time….
N: Um….



  1. I had to stifle my laugh to not wake everyone up! I like your pie chart!
    Considering you are succesful at your job, it can mean only two things : either you’re extra efficient, and manage to cram all your work in those few ‘other’ moments, or this might explain why men can’t multi-task : they are too busy multi-thinking (I wish my cock was getting sucked being a constant background thought).
    Thanks for the laugh!

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