You look just like…

You don’t know what I look like. If you’ve read really closely, maybe you have a tiny sense. But here:

All my life, I’ve been told I look JUST like… someone. First, it was Tom Hanks.

Then John McEnroe.

Then, Howie Mandel.

At 25, I went bald. And put on weight. And Seinfeld was big. For a long time, it was George Costanza.

Then, I lost weight, and suddenly, for a moment, it was Bruce Willis.

But that didn’t last long: soon, it was Gary Sinise.

That prevailed for a few years and was the most intense: people said it to me constantly, and on more than one occasion, I was actually mistaken for him.

I never particularly saw any of those resemblances, good or bad. I looked in the mirror and I just saw… me.

A few years ago, I grew a beard, for the first time. The Gary Sinise thing ended. Overnight. And since then, for the first time, I never hear sentences that begin, “You look just like….”

I can’t say I really miss it – I only just really noticed it now (when I saw Howie Mandel on an ad).


  1. I try to emulate Andy Garcia as much as possible, but all I ever get is “you’re just like Jim Carrey”. Occasionally I get the likes of Harry Kewell, Michael Owen and once that android guy off Prometheus.

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