On the left, her hair is brunette, straight, dull, has split ends, is shoulder-length. On the right, brunette, curly, in a high ponytail, shiny, pulled back. On the left, subtle make-up. On the right, more garish. Left: jeans and a white silk blouse, with black trimming, hanging over full breasts. Right: a black rayon minidress, tight, clinging, against equally full breasts. Sandals on the left, pleather with chrome buckles in the right. On the left, a colorful bracelet, made by her daughter (?) adorns her right wrist. On the right, a gold star of David hangs around her neck on a thin gold chain, and a tiny red string is tied around her left wrist.

Each is pretty. Each, deep in Facebook on her phone. The one on the left mistakenly brushes get arm against that of the one on the right.

Who sneers, nearly hisses.

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