A subway sub

This was provided by my friend, V:

All of the little movements & gesticulations I’ve noticed that express some of my sexual

inclinations during my commute…

1.  When she first walks on, she makes a deliberate movement to spread her feet for balance; it’s not done in a couple of steps, but in one. Her feet are a few feet apart, not askew, but parallel, and when she does this she leans in a bit against the pole and her back arches every so slightly. 

2. When she leans against the metal pole, she’ll choose where to put her hand deliberately, stretching her arm up over her head, never at her waist.

3. Alternatively, she might lean with the pole against her back and put one arm against it behind her for balance.

4. She won’t grab the pole with her palm, but instead places her wrist against it, leaning in for pressure, reminding her of the sensation of being bound.

5. She’ll close her eyes, not trying to avoid eye contact or sleep, but you’ll see a smile on her face, her tongue flick out wetting her top and bottom lip, and her chin lift up. She’s thinking of being beneath him, looking up at him, ready.

6. If someone drops something she’ll always bend down to pick it up, bending at the waist.

7. She’ll often choose to stand in front of people who are sitting with their legs spread wide, be it man or woman.

8. When it’s particularly crowded and she ends up with her back against the door to the adjoining car, you’ll see her with her best posture, chest out and arms stretched behind her, crossed at the wrists.

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  1. Interesting post. I have never thought to observe other women to see whether I can recognize the sub in them. I have never taken note of myself, whether my submissiveness shows through in my actions.

    Rebel xox

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