Another night with Véronique (part 3 – her version)

This story is long, and there are several parts that already have been posted: My first, second and third parts, and V’s first and second parts. This is the penultimate post. I will have one more – a sort of “study” that explains a bit about how I planned the date. But for now, enjoy V’s tale.

I heard the noise of a condom wrapper and quickly felt him push against me and then fully into me.  I drew my breath, feeling as if the wind was knocked out of me and I let out a low long moan.  He fucked me, not softly, first from behind and then on top of me.  

He released my arms and I lowered myself onto him, grinding my hips as close as I could to him.  I quickly built myself up and he slipped his hands in between us to touch my clit.  I wanted to cum for him.  I wanted him to cum for me. I watched his face as our movements became more fevered.  He stares so intently in the moment.  Just as I felt myself release, I felt him cum and he pushed even deeper inside of me. I was loud.  It was glorious.

I collapsed on his chest for a moment, and then told him to raise his hands, and tied them above his head.  I grazed my body, my breasts over him, kissing my way up his thighs.  I built him up slowly, spending tender time on his balls and his shaft before finally giving in to what he wanted.  I was eager at this point, and he could tell.  

I felt emboldened by the switch in power dynamic.  I crawled my way back up him and spread my legs in front of his face.  I dipped my pussy down onto his tongue.  I watched every minute, as I lowered myself and then pulled back up.  Lowered myself again and then pulled back up.  He strained his neck to meet his mouth to my cunt.  Every so often I would let him imbibe. He seemed thirsty.

“Water?” I asked.

“I’m already drinking,” he said with a smirk.

I reached over for the water bottle, rubbing myself against his face once more.  I held the water bottle a little too far from his face, and dribbled some in his mouth.  A bit too much, perhaps– he sputtered.  I pushed my cunt on to his mouth.  He licked and sucked.  I pulled away and offered him a bit too much water again. Then I forced myself onto him again. I continued this pattern for 5 minutes or so, until he made some smartass comment about pussy waterboarding.  I smiled and let him up.

Finally I put on my dress, ready to go and he came up behind me and pushed me against the desk in the room.  I slipped forward, my forearms holding my balance. He yanked up my dress and shoved two fingers into me.  Hard.  I cried out, and he was relentless.  There was no teasing, only taking.  He twisted and shoved his way in over and over again.  I came quickly and hard, squeezing my thighs around his hand.  He slipped his fingers into my mouth so I could taste them. 

I followed N. in gathering my coat, and we made our way to the elevator.  This is only date 2, I reminded myself.

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