Happy New Year!

Last year I posted seven resolutions:

7. To engage in some “high-concept” swinging.
6. To throw myself into more multi-partner swinging.
5. To have more encounters with multiple women.
4. To get pegged.
3. To revisit my experience of gay sex.
2. To increase my appetite for straight, aggressive, hard, doggie-style, or up-against-the-wall, or bent-over-the-bed, or what have you, fucking.
1. To deepen my communication and bliss with T.

I just was looking at a project just getting started, by two fellow bloggers, and they each have not one or five or seven or ten, but 101 “resolutions.” To be fair they give themselves 1001 days to get them done. But shit….

In my 2012, let’s take stock:

First and foremost, it’s been a good year for me and T. I’m pleased with my progress on #1, and I’d like to keep that resolution in place, and in its place, for 2013.

On #2? I think I still have a ways to go. If anything, I think I may have backslid a bit on #2 in 2012. Recently, I wrote about my desire to find a surrogate, or perhaps just a play partner, with whom to work on #2 in earnest. So why don’t I leave that in place, too….

On #3? I’ve watched myself, and I think I feel about gay sex sort of like I felt about smoking in my waning days: I want to want to revisit my experience of gay sex much more than I want to. So I think, in deference to my manifest desires, I’ll let that one drop from the list this year.

Ditto #4: I like the idea of being a guy who enjoys getting pegged far more than I like the idea of getting pegged. This isn’t to rule it out; only to note that generally speaking, anal play isn’t where I have the bulk of my fun, and I tend to be pretty content without. I would like to experiment, but I don’t need to include it in a list like this. So that’s gone, too.

5,6, and 7? Well, they all happened. I had some sex with two women (not enough, and not enough women – I want more). I had a fair number of more debauched evenings at sex parties and swing clubs. And I went on a high-concept, all white boat tour of the harbor. Which featured lots of fucking and sucking. But I want more. I want to do more high-concept fucking, and to do more of the planning of it. Not going to an expensive shindig thrown by another with strangers, but to curate, design, implement my own.

And I have more resolutions this year:

Non-sexual ones: to be a better husband, father. To continue to deepen my presence in my household, my family. To procrastinate less, do more. To be more compassionate and generous, more giving, less selfish.

And sexual ones? I’m not sure. I think the ones above may be good, for now. But I’ll revisit that in coming days. I’m toying with the idea of doing my own 101 goals in 1001 days list, and if I do, you can bet that a healthy (or maybe unhealthy) number of them will be sexual.

In any event: happy New Year, folks. May it be happy, healthy, and sexy. But above all, happy.


  1. While I am busy compiling my own 101 list on NYE, I wish you a very happy New Year and hope to see you participating in 101 too. Mine will all have a sexual coloring, just so I can blog about them too 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I love that more people are toying with the idea of participating in the Day Zero project! If you do, I’ll definitely be reading your updates 🙂 An early happy new year to you!

  3. Four made me laugh, because that’s the same way I feel about anal sex. I’d like to be the women that really enjoys it, but it’s just not really my favorite. I’ve enjoyed it in the past and can totally get behind some anal play from time to time, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be the “yeah, lets do it!” type. Seems like you had some good goals, and got some serious progress on them.

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