Walking on the street

I’ve never picked anyone up, in a bar, a restaurant, on the street. Except for one waitress in my 20s (which led to a 2-day marathon, and then never seeing one another again). I think it would be fun, bringing together the excitement of the new with the urgency of the quickie, and the frantic combination of sexual, physical and personal discovery that is pretty much always absent either in dating or in a swingers’ environment.


  1. Nor I. I had my eye on a waitress who was having a bad day once — made easier that my hotel was a block away, if I could have pulled it off — but she was getting into somebody else’s car by the time I was able to get free to talk to her. Sounds like fun, though. Maybe someday…

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. I haven’t picked up (or been picked up by) a random girl in the way you described in years.
    It would be interesting maybe to do so I think. Swinging and other such activities lack the surprise rush that a random encounter gives.

    1. I totally agree. Also, there’s something less rewarding about fucking someone who already is naked, and fucking other people. Call me old-fashioned….

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