A quick note on mechanics of the blog

I’ve been futzing around with things – themes, mobile themes, RSS feeds, etc., trying to get this all right. Turns out, Blogger makes all this stuff super-easy; WordPress? Not so much, at least not in the self-hosted version. But you don’t care about this

The main point is: PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SOMETHING’S NOT WORKING AS IT SHOULD. I’m trying hard to get this site working well, and I have the sense it’s still a bit buggy, but I need your help to de-bug it.



    1. Or were you asking me why I have the sense it’s buggy? I’ll answer that – I have that sense because, well, because when I visit the web site from my phone, sometimes it’s in the mobile format, sometimes not. I’ve gotten the mobile format on my computer screen, I’ve gotten notes from a few people saying their RSS feed wasn’t working.

      1. Yeah. It does give me the mobile format sometimes on my CPU.I guess I don’t notice things like that since I’m hopeless with the internet. I’m surprised I can even comment 😉
        You should also have a photo of yourself on here. I read somewhere that most successful blogs have photos of the blogger on the upper right hand corner. More of a tip than an ” issue”.

          1. That’s what I meant.
            Yes, post your address and phone number.
            An obscure shot of anything will suffice 😉

  1. The only thing that I’ve noticed is that the comments on the posts which you’ve imported are a bit messed up; the punctuation commands didn’t transfer properly, so there are a lot of ampersands and such.

    1. You mean “& such.”

      Yeah, I don’t know that there’s anything to be done about that. My apologies.

      And thanks for commenting/paying attention.

    1. I’ll think about that. If you tell me which pictures (or which posts) you’re having trouble with, I’ll look into it.

      I suspect they’re old posts, that came from when I was posting on Blogspot. The import to my own host was a bit buggy….

          1.  OK the Star fucker one and Miami and Coffee shop and a couple others of which I can’t find right now thank you.

  2. Ok – I have an issue. I don’t know if this is maybe something that you’ve already addressed and can’t be fixed or changed or what but here goes. I am attempting, against your recommendation that I read somewhere (which I laughed at), to read your blog from the beginning – partly cause I like the linear-ish action – and partly cause I really find your blog interesting. But it’s kind of a pain in the ass to do.

    1. The drop down menu for the month I’m on (it’s March – but you probably already know that) closes back up when I get to the page I clicked the link for (on other blogs it stays down so you can kinda keep track of where you are).

    2. The links that I have already clicked on do not change color after they’ve been clicked on – which helps to keep track as well – esp when I come back a day or so later and cannot remember if I already read “she came for me once” or “she came for me again” or “she came for me a third time” etc.

    3. I noticed at some point that there are links at the bottom of each post that allow you to go forward to a new post or backward to an old post – but realized after reading quite a few of them that the “next post” link is not always a sequential link. It’s kinda random sometimes – and I cannot fathom why that would be. On any other blog I’ve been on the link that takes you forward always goes to the next post in time.

    I am willing to go through the pain of clicking on the month, scrolling down, and then finding the next post after the one I just read every single time I want to read the next post. It’s a little annoying but I can do it. But if there is anything you can do to fix it that would be great.

    Oh that and the notify me by email comments thing – although who knows what the deal is with that.

    1. Ok – item by item.

      1) Yes, I know. It sucks. This drop-down menu is the best I can find, and I hate it. If anyone has a better suggestion for a drop-down archive widget for WordPress, PLEASE let me know.

      2) I think that’s about your browser, not my web site.

      3) My experience is that it works pretty reliably since late March, when I migrated over to WordPress, but that prior to March, yes, it’s effectively random. My suggestion is that, to the extent you want to read posts from before I switched over, you do so at http://mydissolutelife.blogspot.com. Blogger has a more simple interface. In exchange for which, the blogger has far less flexibility. And Google owns everything, instead of me.

      The e-mail comments notification I haven’t had a problem with in recent weeks. I’m looking into it – can you tell me what the problem you’re having is? (Because I haven’t been able to replicate any problem.)


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