Mar 302014

She asked me this after I told her I needed to see her ass. And at that moment, I most assuredly was an ass man. There are some aspects of my erotic imagination that are, if not fixed, at least relatively consistent: I like clothing in general, and certain types in particular. I enjoy exercising […]

Dec 052013

I was reading about addiction, and I stumbled on a TED-X talk by Glennon Doyle Melton, a writer with a blog, and the author of Carry On, Warrior, a book that seems mostly culled from her blog. I was intrigued at least thrice over: first, most intensely, because – well, there’s something about her. She’s […]

Jun 302013

Ferns, over at Domme Chronicles, recently posted about writing a personal ad. And I was struck by something. Her ad is a particularly well written, comic, standard ad. About two-thirds of the words concern the man she seeks, and about one-third describe herself. On OKCupid, the organizing principle is that we want to date people […]

Mar 012013

She’s striking. No, that doesn’t do her justice. She has the kind of looks that make me dumb. This is unusual. Not that I’m so smart, but I’m accustomed to maintaining my poise with all sorts of people, hot, ugly, brilliant, impaired, successful, destitute, famous, unknown. It’s very unusual for someone to disequilibrate me simply […]