Jan 082018

When I was seventeen, my cock was hard. Pretty much the whole year.

Also, when I was sixteen. And fifteen. And eighteen.

I’m older now, and hard less constantly, less consistently.

Back then, if my cock was hard it meant, for the most part, that I was still alive.

Today, when my cock stiffens, it means that I’m turned on, that I’m aroused. And more than that, it means that my cock is stimulated. Almost always, this means both mentally and physically. My cock requires both mental stimulation and physical stimulation to be hard. If I, or someone, isn’t rubbing my cock, it’s unlikely to stiffen. I gather, from reading, and talking, that this is not uncommon for men over the age of, say, 40.

In my next post, I’ll address the meaning of my erection to others.

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