May 082013

I want to fulfill it.

I want to be everything to you, everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve ever dreamed of, everything you’ll ever need.

You want me to fuck you from behind for hours? I want to do that to you, for you.

You want me to lick your pussy for days? I want to do that to you, for you.

You want me to fuck your face, to fill your mouth with my cock, until you gag? I want to do that to you, for you.

In days of yore, this was a handicap.

I was confused.

I thought you would want to tell me your fantasy, to have me fulfill it, that my receptivity to your fantasies was a strength.

But I misunderstood.

You wanted to fulfill my fantasy.

And we were caught, forever, in an endless loop.

“Tell me what you want?” I would say.

“I don’t know,” you would say.

Behind my openness, my eagerness, I was scared. Worse, I was cowardly. Rather than face my fears (my desire), I tried to hide behind yours.

What if what I wanted wasn’t what you wanted?

I might disappoint you. I might fail to please you. I might, god forbid, disgust you.

Years passed.

I learned.



Now, I know what I want.

May I have it, please?

  5 Responses to “Your fantasy”

  1. Love it, and so often the dance that people unknowingly play.

  2. Why is it so difficult to tell the person you love what you really want? It takes practice, I think.

  3. Saying what you want is a good thing. I need to work on that in so many areas of my life.

  4. I read this as a beautiful love letter… lucky T. is my reaction (well,lucky you as well!).

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