My greatest fantasy

This is pretty much my core fantasy – it gives me almost everything I crave sexually.

It involves me and a number of women too large to count.  The women need not be models, or porn stars, or young – in fact, if they were a random sampling of women in a place that skewed toward the attractive (say, a trendy bar or restaurant) but included some outliers, that would be perfect.  And the women should be dressed as they would be in the trendy bar or restaurant – dressed to attract, and maybe with the confidence (or hope) that they would attract….

There would be a booth.  In the booth, I might sit.  If I were to sit, one (or two, or three) woman (or women) would be kneeling before me, devouring my cock.  And another one (or two, or three) would be standing (or perhaps sitting) above me, positioned so as to allow me to lick their clit(s).  And perhaps, another one or two might manage to hold their faces nearby so I could kiss them.

Inevitably, because it is true about me that I have infinite stamina and almost complete self-control, the fellatrices would grow tired.  (Maybe not – I once had a partner with whom I had a competition – see who could go longer, she going down on me, or me, being gone down on by her.  The contest ended at about three hours, when our lives beckoned – neither of us admitted defeat.)  But as I was saying, inevitably, the fellatrices would grow tired.  To relieve them, there always would be more.  The line might well be infinitely long.  The women?  All hungry cock-lovers – women for whom the idea of a man with infinite stamina isn’t daunting, but exciting, and not just because she imagines being fucked by that man, but because the idea of an infinitely long blowjob is compelling.

And, because it is true about me that not only do I have infinite stamina down below, so too do I have it up above – because I could happily go down on a woman for hours, through ten or twenty or 200 orgasms – the women up above might well need relief as well.  Fortunately, this scenario provides them with sure, instant relief:  just as there would be women waiting to fellate me, there would be women waiting for me to go down on them.  Ad infinitum.

I might not be sitting, of course.  Or I might tire of sitting.  In which case, perhaps I’d stand, and fuck the faces of the women below while they kneel or sit.  And have my head pulled forcefully into the cunts of the women above.

And maybe, after a while of sitting, or standing, I might lie on my back.  Or kneel on a bed.  There really are a lot of possibilities….

This is my fantasy.  The clothes are as much a part of the fantasy as the sex.  I’m embarrassed it’s such a selfish fantasy, that it doesn’t involve fucking.  But hey, it’s my fantasy….  What are your fantasies?


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