Oct 212012

So for a few months now, I’ve been more or less half-heartedly running Frisky Friday. I began it in the aftermath of the prolific and hard-working Dangerous Lilly’s decision to shut down “Wanton Wednesday.” Shortly thereafter, Marie Rebelle started her own successor (Wicked Wednesday), and did, and continues to do, a bang-up job. At the time, I thought, a) I want a piece of that social action, and b) I’d like to see if I can’t get a little community of bloggers who blog about sex, rather than sex, going. This was, in retrospect, hubristic. I mean, all of us sex bloggers do more or less of sex blogging, and more or less of meta-blogging, blogging about sex, sexuality, desire, etc. But I sort of hoped that there would be folks who would flock my way. There were a few. If you troll back over the last few months, you’ll see the same bunch of  folks – OmniWhore, Hubman, Marie Rebelle, Liza, Lizzie, Elisa Sharone, Swinging Emma, Empress Nympho, Fayth Allure, a Curious Muse, Molly’s Daily Kiss, Dumb Domme…. (sorry if I left you out, but I think those are the regulars)….

But I never got the volume of contributors, or readers, I had imagined. Partly (mostly) this is because I was lazy. I didn’t hype Frisky Friday relentlessly, but instead, did so half-assedly  But also, I think, one or two memes a week (and they’re already out there, between TMI Tuesday, Wicked Wednesday, Sinful Sunday) is probably enough for this tiny community. Many of my favorite bloggers actually have explicit no-meme policies.

I have a great logo (thanks to Dumb Domme), so I expect I may tinker with the idea – maybe do something curated, instead of voluntary. But for now, Frisky Friday is about to go on hiatus. I just don’t have the stomach to continue to post it week after week without attracting more than a handful of, for the most part, the same, participants.

I live and learn….

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  1. Sad news, but I know what you mean. I tried the whole Formspring Friday thing for a little while, but it never really gathered steam and I only half assed my way along.

  2. I had posted several, then stopped when work got overwhelming. Was planning to come back to it this weekend, but it looks as though the party’s over. Even when I was doing it, I never felt that my traffic increased as no one was encouraged to check out others’ work and it wasn’t hyped the way other memes were. Without trying to sound like a comment whore, if people don’t get feedback from others for a meme, they’re not going to consider it worth the effort to participate.

    • Of course, you’re right. This is precisely why I stopped it. The dynamics of this particular community rely too much on mutual ego stroking for my taste. I had sort of hoped that a different sort of community – one based neither on page views nor quids pro quo, but rather, intellectual and sexual kinship – might conceivably evolve. But I didn’t do anything to make that happen, other than announce that I wished it to. And that, surely, was nowhere near enough.

      I really appreciate your participation, and love your writing, for what it’s worth.

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