Jul 182015

Which do you prefer: restraints or blindfolds?”

Um, both? Each is immeasurably better with the other. Restraints, though, are more work to implement, unless they’re the under-the-bed kind, and you’re in my bed. Which you’re not, and won’t be, unless you’re one person in particular.

Workarounds – like makeshift or portable cuffs – are fun, but they’re entirely different from full-on restraints, which, done right, immobilize you perfectly. And with the right woman? There’s no beating them.

I love fighting a writhing woman with no weapon other than my tongue.

Blindfolds are, definitionally, more of a psychic than a physical tool. They change one’s mental experience dramatically, with only a minimum of physical impact.

Together? Yum. (And add earphones with loud music for full-on sensory deprivation.)

What’s on your sexual bucket list?

People. Most, but not all, of whom I’ve had sex with before.

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