The classified courtship continues

Marina replied to my response to her ad.

Her response was smoking. I wanted to be sure to net this fish.

I replied, nearly a week later:


I apologize for taking nearly a week to respond. Your photos floored me. I didn’t dare imagine you would be so… yummy. Your breasts look just remarkably delicious, and that image of your cunt, snuggled tight up against your jeans…. I’m sorry if I’m presuming to speak a bit more forward-ly than might be appropriate at this early stage in our getting to know one another, but, well, I figure, you probably should get a sense of the real me.

And the real me is moved to profound hunger, and need, by just the tiniest glimpses you sent me. I’m so eager to learn more. To learn more in the way that words will help me learn more, to learn more in the way that images will help – but of course, I want to learn more with all my senses.

I want to know what you sound like. What you smell like. What you taste like. And god, what you feel like. I want to know how your body responds to my touch, how you move when I push, when I smack, when I squeeze. When I pinch, when I lick, when I bite, when I enter. When I plunge, when I penetrate, when I flick, when I fuck, when I suck….

Ok. I got carried away.

Let’s take half a step back.

I’ll give you your “no girlfriend, no partner” wish. I don’t care what you call yourself with respect to me, or with respect to anyone else. I have no interest in limiting your options, except to the extent that it’s during the time that you are mine. And, during that time, you may rest assured, I am very interested in limiting your options. To just the one: pleasing me. Subject, of course, to your needs.

If you’re interested, if you’d like to proceed further (and I very much hope you are, that you would)…. please, tell me just a bit more about you, and about your hopes, and your concerns, about embarking on a bit of a journey of discovery with me. And, please, if you would…. include two more photos, just like the ones you sent in your previous reply, but this time, showing me just a little more….

Enthusiastically yours,


And I awaited her reply….

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