Bringdown on Marina

I’ve written a lot, and there’s a lot more to come, but here’s a real-time update on where things stand with Marina, in my mind:

  1. She’s fucking hot. Tiny, sexy, hot.
  2. She’s courageous. She says no to nothing; she welcomes all challenges. She is fierce.
  3. I’ve put her through the fucking wringer. We touch on early trauma in each of one another. Neither of us has fled. But we’ve tortured one another.
  4. Did I mention she’s hot?
  5. She’s smart. Interesting. Interested.
  6. Today, things are good. I’m losing her, slowly. I feel it. And that’s ok. I mean, it’s not my preference. I would prefer to keep her. But real life beckons, and I’m, alas, not her real life.
  7. Tomorrow? I hope – I hope – that she finds a way to incorporate me. To include me, even as her real life shifts.
  8. During the quarantine, we’ve been kinda 24/7 partners. Inasmuch is as possible with the rest of our lives. In the coming weeks, months, we will learn if our relationship can survive actual real life. Outside of quarantine. Her dating dudes. Being unavailable. My dating other women. Being unavailable. Will be interesting. And, honestly, I can’t think of another person with whom I might feel safer exploring all that.
  9. She’s fucking hot.
  10. We have several projects outstanding. I want them all to continue. I wrote about them. But, near term? She’s got a vibrator that I’m going to make vibrate her cunt some time in the next day or three. And she’s got some friends, with whom there’s another project looming…. Which I can’t fucking wait for.

That’s all.

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