Good vibrations

Marina got ready to go for a walk on the beach. We spent a few minutes sync-ing our phones, getting the app to work, so the movements I made on my phone caused the vibrator in her cunt to change its pattern, to lower, or raise, its intensity.

Once sync-ed, she was off.

“Oh my god,” she texted. “Ohhhh myyyyyy godddddddd.”

The app gives me lots of choices. Too many, I think. We established the last time that the “wave” pattern is the one that works best for her.

“May I have a glimpse of you?” I asked.

She replied, instantly, with a photo of her strolling – not quite yet on the beach, but on a road nearby. She wore big hoop earrings (or technically, a big hoop, but very narrow wire), a colorful fleece with patterns evoking Native American weavings, and a fancy thermos. Her smile was… skeptical? Maybe cautious? She had headphones on. And I was controlling the sensations in her pretty, pretty cunt.

“I’m shocked,” she said. “Almost to the beach.”

“Why shocked?” I asked.

Her response had some typos, but the gist was, I’ve never done this before. I can’t believe it’s working. It’s hard to walk.

We continued for some more minutes. I would increase the vibrations; decrease them. Increase them. Change the pattern. Return to the tried-and-true wave. She sent a video of her, walking, talking to me. She texted me. “Internally, I’m writhing,” she wrote. “Externally, I’m walking.” And then another video, in which she came. In public. To sensations I was providing from several time zones away. And she sent a third video, in which she thanked me.

I kept the vibrations going until she said “RED!” The sensations were traveling through her entire body. Her cunt had, she said, a vise grip on the toy. Her ass was vibrating, even though the vibrator wasn’t all that close to it.

She sent some pictures, of her thighs, her cunt, in her jeans, on the beach. I pulsed the vibrator once, briefly. “Hi!” I texted.

She told me I could do that, but only briefly. The battery gave out, and our connection gave way.

But damn. That was fucking HOT.

Part of what I love about oral sex is the power of giving. It’s not, as I’ve written, orgasm-focused. I don’t need a woman to come to feel powerful. All I need is for her to fucking love the sensations I give her.

COVID and miles mean I’ve never even seen Marina in person, let alone, had my fingers in her cunt, on her clit. My mouth pressed against her pussy. My cock in any of her holes.

But this? This was not a poor next best thing.

My mind is overflowing with possibilities. Coffee shops, bookshops, bars, restaurants. Social settings. Preferably with friends who know. Though I’m open to social settings with friends who don’t. And more.

There’s so much fun to be had with this lovely, lovely woman.

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