I’ve told you you will suck my cock for hours. I don’t think you believe me.

I’ve told you I will lick your clit for hours. I don’t think you believe me.

But believe me.

In recent Zoom meetings, I have asked you to come for me before you speak.

When we meet?

I will organize things so you are dressed as I ask – perhaps in your lavender jumpsuit. Perhaps the orange jumpsuit. You will be waiting for me. Most likely, on your knees.

You will have been edging, repeatedly, for hours. Your cunt will be aching, wet, needy.

The lights will be low, but not off.

I will enter your room. I will, I expect, praise you. Tell you how fucking hot you look. What a good girl you are. How ready I am for you to get to work.

I will, I expect, empty my pockets. I will drop my bag. Use the bathroom. Wash up.

You will be waiting, on your knees. Eyes on the floor.

I will stand before you.

I will ask you to put your hands behind your back.

I will press my cock – no doubt straining against my jeans – against your cheek.

“Do you want anything?” I’ll ask.

I expect you’ll nod.

“Tell me what you want,” I will say.

“Your cock,” I expect you’ll answer.

I’ll retreat from you, just a bit. I’ll ask you to crawl to me. So I can watch your hips, your ass, sway as you make your way to me.

I will ask you – tell you – to remove my shoes. My socks. My jeans. My boxers. That will take a while, as I will be sure to have you move slowly.

Finally, finally, the time of your mouth and my cock will begin.

And as I said, at the start of this: you don’t believe me when I tell you that my cock will be in your mouth for hours. But it will. And those hours will start right……. now.

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