• Workout in person: No conversation. No small talk. Not before. Not after. Just a workout, delivered to me in person. And then, you leave.
  • A full-on vanilla date: No pre-established expectations. We meet for coffee, or for a drink and a meal, and we see where things go.
  • A full-on N-style date: I choose (and maybe, furnish) every item of your clothing. You show me as you dress. You meet me. I order for you. You sit as instructed, move as instructed. We establish certain limits and boundaries, but, short of those, you are mine for the evening, to do with as I might wish.
  • A “quickie” N-style date: you open your thighs for me. I devour you. And leave. Or you kneel for me and devour me, and then (I, or you) leave. Or both. Perhaps with fucking, if the mood strikes me/it fits your boundaries.
  • An N-style ratchet: I choose your clothes, control your orgasms, for a period of time (days, weeks), leading up to one of the dates above. Or in the absence of a date above.
  • Any one of my safe dates.
  • A brilliant idea of yours, to be inserted here.

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