You offered me an hour of your time, today

Please don’t open any e-mails referred to in this e-mail, until you have read the entire e-mail.

You have a lot of e-mails in your other account. Please don’t read them before opening them. But please, just based on the subject lines, choose a number you want to do that adds up to, say, 45 minutes or more. (I’m allowing you 15 minutes to do the reading/sorting/e-mailing required by these instructions.) This might be one 45-minute task. It might be three 15-minute tasks. And so on. Without opening the e-mails, send me an e-mail or text, telling me which you propose to do.

To be clear: you have up to 15 minutes to spend preparing/executing this first step, in which you will tell me the subject lines of the (at least) 45 minutes of e-mails you plan to execute for me over the course of the day, at your convenience. After that? The 45 (or more) minutes? Those can happen at your convenience, before midnight your time.

Incentive: there are rewards available to you, should you decide you wish to exceed the 60 minutes you’ve offered me. Rewards I trust you will appreciate. Those rewards will be doled out based on 15-minute increments of your “overage.” (In other words, the first award will come at 60 minutes of tasks completed; the second, at 75; and so on….

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