48 hours


  1. Provide me with the safety and certainty that your only sexual interest in the period of “ownership” is my sexual gratification.
  2. Provide you with the comfort and safety of knowing that you will be well cared for sexually, and that your needs will be met without your having to think or ask.


Promises you make (above and beyond those you normally make to me, such as honesty, transparency, responsiveness, and compliance) to me:

  1. For 48 hours, you have no higher sexual priority than my pleasure.
  2. You will not decline any request of mine without proposing two alternatives.
  3. You will decline at least one request of mine, subject to (2) above.
  4. We will attempt to spend the first and last hours of the 48 together, as well as at least one, and perhaps two, along the way. Realistically, this may require either a slight shortening or lengthening of the period, given time differences, and/or it may not be possible – but we’ll do our fucking best.
  5. You will demonstrate my primacy in your thoughts by routinely sending me photos of your cunt, your face, your ass, your breasts, your legs, your hair. You will aspire to overwhelm me (but you probably won’t succeed at that).
  6. At least three days prior to the 48 hours, you will give me your schedule. You will budget for me at least two (but as many as you can) discrete windows of time (ranging from 30 seconds to as long as you like) each day, bounded by start and stop times, during which I may deploy your body for my pleasure.
  7. At least three days prior to the 48 hours, you will tell me how much additional time you can give to me over the two days, subject to that time’s being at your discretion as to when it happens.
  8. In addition to (7) above, you will, at my request, give me at least five minutes of “demand” on each day. In this period of time, you will drop whatever the fuck you’re doing to do whatever the fuck I may ask of you. For those minutes, you are under my COMPLETE control. No matter what you’re doing. I can ask at any point. If you don’t see it immediately? You’ll do it right when I see it. As it relates to this item, you don’t have access to tell me “I’ll do it later” (subject to moving locations or getting a vibrator and things of that nature). You do, of course, have access to the right to decline, subject to (2) and (3) above.
  9. I will deliver to you, at the start of the 48 hours a list of items I will ask you to deliver me, subject to the time budget established in (7) above.
  10. Throughout the 48 hours, I will pepper you with messages and stimuli and requests and demands.
  11. At times of my choosing, I will instruct you with respect to the time periods you give me subject to (6) above.
  12. I will choose every item you wear.
  13. You will wear my collar as much as reasonably possible when in your room. You will send a picture of it on you when you put it on, and of your neck, bare, when you remove it.
  14. I will see, on video, as you put on or remove any other item of clothing.
  15. You will show me every instance of your providing yourself with sexual pleasure.
  16. You will not have an orgasm except by my permission.
  17. You will describe to me any external sexual stimuli of which you become aware during the time, in real time, as comprehensively as possible.
  18. You will discuss with me how you respond physically, emotionally, intellectually to those stimuli.
  19. You will not respond behaviorally to any such stimuli except in discussion with me and, to the extent granted, with my approval and permission.


Promises I make to you:

  1. I will respect you – your time, your autonomy, your individuality, your desires.
  2. I will take seriously anything you say to me about your preferences, throughout.
  3. I will take from you what I want (consistent with safewords).
  4. Any other reasonable (in my opinion) promises you may ask me to make.

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